Helping Deep Tech Founders build world-changing companies from ground-breaking discoveries.

Investing in Scientific Innovation

Blue Bear Ventures (BBV) engages founders working on the frontiers of science and technology with the ambition to solve the most pressing challenges we face in the world today.

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Emerging Tech

Our Philosophy

Founding Team

The most important aspect of our deep tech companies are the founding teams. We’re not investing in just an idea and a single founder – we’re investing in the co-founding team and the early employees that help a company through its growth. For a company to make an impact, it must be surrounded by individuals with the right combination of technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Building Trust

BBV builds strong relationships with companies we invest in based on trust. We are not traditional investors that just look at metrics, but are also confidants who help the founders and team. We advise our companies in all areas from the earliest stages so they can focus on their ultimate goal of bringing their breakthrough technologies to the world.

The Journey

The journey of climbing a mountain is non-linear. Our objective is to guide our companies through the peaks and valleys while helping them making the right choices with conviction. We are not the authorities in directing founders along their path – we leave that to the founders. Instead, we see ourselves as part of the companies team, providing clarity along the way. We are with our companies through their entire journey. Not just the beginning.

Our Portfolio

Our founders are scientists and engineers from the top research institutions in the world. They have founded some of the most promising deep technology startups emerging from UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, MIT, and Stanford.

  • Aether Bio

    Engineering enzymes for biological manufacturing using deep learning and high-throughput robotics. Santa Cruz

  • Aluna

    Smart respiratory health management system for patients with asthma and chronic respiratory diseases. UCSF Berkeley

  • Ayar Labs

    Helping companies keep up with skyrocketing volumes of data by miniaturizing fiber optic transceivers. Berkeley MIT

  • Clarity

    Providing high density air quality monitoring solutions for smart cities. Berkeley

  • Coreshell

    Engineering novel, liquid-deposited nanolayer coatings for Lithium Ion Batteries to enable cheaper and faster battery production. Berkeley

  • Correlia Biosystems

    Next-generation high-throughput protein assays for pharmaceutical applications. Berkeley

  • DNA Lite

    Developing oral and non-immunogenic gene therapies delivered to the gastrointestinal tract. Berkeley

  • EngageLively

    Making it easy for everyone to create dynamic, interactive and portable content. Berkeley

  • GenEdit

    Transforming the delivery of gene therapies and enable the next generation of non-viral, gene editing-based therapeutics. Berkeley

  • ImpriMed

    Precision medicine for pet cancer patients by identifying personalized drug combinations. Stanford

  • mFluidx

    Rapid DNA tests for infectious disease diagnostics. Berkeley

  • New Sun Road

    Providing modular smart micro grid management solutions for energy infrastructure in the developing world. Berkeley

  • Numericcal

    Enabling the deployment, optimization and management of Deep Neural Network Models for edge computing. Berkeley MIT

  • Synkrino Bio

    Building new drugs to target inflammation directly from patients using an AI + Immunology discovery engine. UCSF

  • Unnatural Products

    Drug discovery platform accelerating early stage drug discovery of macrocyclic peptide therapeutics. Santa Cruz

  • Resynergi

    Modular and distributed advanced recycling of unrecyclable waste plastics. UMinnesota

  • YourChoice Therapeutics

    Revolutionizing birth control for women and men by developing hormone free contraceptives. Berkeley

  • BioAmp Diagnostics

    Rapid diagnostics to counteract antibiotic resistance and empower physicians to treat patients with the right antibiotic at the right time. Berkeley

  • Immulus

    Next generation biomanufacture of cell therapies. Harvard

  • ANA Therapeutics

    COVID-19 treatment with niclosamide. Berkeley

  • Cypris Materials

    Delivering the Next Generation of Color. Caltech Colorado State

What Our Founders Say

The Team

As a team of investors, entrepreneurs and technologists, we are driven to help entrepreneurs build world-changing companies from their ground-breaking discoveries.
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Passionate about investment and impact, Marianne has more than two decades of experience in cross-border Corporate Finance with the last 10 years focused on startups and VC in Europe, US and Israel. She previously served as Global CFO of Shell Aviation, founded her own M&A firm, and has been instrumental in bridging Start-Up and Corporate ecosystems globally. She is a published author and a speaker on Impact Investment and Leadership.

Marianne Abib-Pech

Managing Partner
Alic Chen Headshot Square Crop

Alic co-founded CITRIS Foundry shortly after receiving his Ph.D. in Mech. Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2012 and has been growing a diverse portfolio of startups that develop technologies ranging from health and therapeutics to novel sensors and AI. He has advised and/or invested in 50+ science and technology startups which have cumulatively raised $500M+ in funding.

Alic Chen

Managing Partner

Patrick brings 35+ years of technology management and investment experience to BBV. He is currently or has previously served on the boards of YC Research, CITRIS, UC Berkeley College of Eng., Audience (NASDAQ:ADNC) and several venture-backed startups. Patrick previously spent 26 years in CTO and sr. exec positions at HP (NYSE:HPQ), Cadence Design (NASDAQ:CDNS) and multiple computing technology startups.

Patrick Scaglia

Founding Partner
Linda Image

Linda is the Founder of Fife Avenue Partners, a fund administration and CFO outsourcing practice servicing Venture Capital Funds and high net worth individuals. For over 15 years she has served in various roles in the Alternative Investments industry. Linda’s career has spanned roles as an accountant for a multi-billion dollar asset management firm, a fund administration firm and 9 years at BDO and KPMG where she focused solely on Alternative Investment clients. With experiences in fund audits, administration and in back office accounting and operations for fund managers, she has over 15 years of relevant industry experience that she leverages to bring about positive outcomes for clients.

Linda Maduwura


Irfan was a founding member of the Societe Generale Private Investment Banking launch team, advising sophisticated single-family offices. He has also supported ventures with their business model and capital raising processes in the US, Argentina and Singapore. He volunteers for Unicef with focus on the SDGs advocacy and is a Hatch member of the Founders Factory. He holds a MSc. from King’s College London and has lived in six countries across four continents.

Irfan Vissandjee


Deepak advises entrepreneurs at the UC Berkeley Haas Business school and is a mentor at various accelerators in Silicon Valley. He has 10 years of venture investing experience across 3 institutional funds. Prior to investing, he was part of 4 medical startups as either an entrepreneur or in management roles, having an exit with Cepheid (NASDAQ:CHPD), a molecular diagnostic company.

Deepak Gupta

General Partner - BBV I

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